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158. My So-Called Life: "They don't make them like they used to."

March 25th, 2024

ACOFAE Podcast Presents: My So-Called Life: "They don't make them like they used to."

Do you remember being 15? Everything MEANT something, everything was important, and everything was life or death. Friendships were deep and intense and crushes were the only thing that like, kept us going. Angela Chase is on a journey to discover herself and is making it everyones problem as ACOFAE covers Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the cult classic "My So-Called Life." If you're looking for intense friendships, parents with their own drama, and a gorgeous boy by the name of Jordan Catalano then look no further. Angela and her friends Rayanne, Ricki, Sharon, and Brian take us along on their journey of self discovery and evolution and challenge us to find the beauty in the mundane.

"So when Rayanne Graf told me my hair was holding me back, I had to listen ... 'cause she wasn't just talking about my hair. She was talking about my life."

TW / CW: sexual assault
For additional TW/CW information for your future reads, head to this site for more: https://triggerwarningdatabase.com/

Spoilers: none to our awareness

Mentions: Drive Me Crazy, The Mortal Instruments, The Little Mermaid, The OC, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Euphoria, Dawson's Creek

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