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161. The Phoenix King: "Then die."

April 29th, 2024

ACOFAE Podcast Presents: The Phoenix King: "Then die."

You know how Laura Marie loves it when 'the thing" in a story happens? WELL buckle up because all the things are happening in Aparna Verma's The Phoenix King, previously The Boy with Fire. Politics, plot twists, religious fervor, and a red herring that took ACOFAE by surprise, The Phoenix King is a rich tapestry of new and old traditions. Technology and tradition are woven together to create a world where the gods might exist, magic might exist, but power and vengeance DO exist no question. When the old king bends to tradition and his daughter is set to take the throne, old enemies and old gods use the opportunity to make themselves known and cause the ultimate chaos. Filled with a ruthless heroine, mythical creatures, and a love story that is very sweet, The Phoenix King swept ACOFAE away.

AUDIO ISSUES in this episode
Please note when Jessica says 'Anastasia' she meant 'Fantasia'

TW / CW: none to our awareness
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Spoilers: The Phoenix King

Mentions: The City of Brass (Daevabad Trilogy, Star Wars, Firefly, Iron Widow, The FIrst Omen, Legendborn, The Vampire Diaries, Aladdin, The Mortal Instruments, The Battle of Songsbirds and Snakes, Planes Trains and Automobiles.

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