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021. Morally Gray: Can we have a reverse harem?

May 17th, 2021

ACOFAE Podcast presents: a discussion surrounding "morally gray"

They aren't the villain. They definitely aren't the hero and they always have a plan. And usually a cool accessory too. They might not die for us but they'd kill for us and we are strangely okay with that.
We're talking about morally gray characters and there are more of them than meets the eye. Join Laura Marie and Jessica Marie as they cycle through characters new and old and try to figure out who is what and why we love them so much.
There's more than just Kaz, Jude, and Scythe Lucifer. Way more.

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Spoilers: TVD, Shatter Me, Folk of the Air, Acotar, Scythe, Shadowhunters, Throne of Glass and Game of Thrones.
TW: Sexual assult, violence and discussions surrounding suicide.

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