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049. Shadowhunters: TMI 4-6: "If you had said in the beginning I'd be crying over *imo*..."

November 29th, 2021

ACOFAE Podcast presents: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels | City of Lost Souls | City of Heavenly Fire

Did you think ACOFAE had forgotten about the rest of The Mortal Instruments? Well worry not! They are back with the rest of TMI, books 4-6, and they have a lot to say. Jump back in the world of Shadowhunters with Laura Marie and Jessica Marie as they continue to gush over Alec/Magnus and reminisce about what it was like to be 16/17, angsty, horny and in love. Remember when Jessica Marie said that she wouldn't cry in TMI? Yeah. Remember when Laura Marie said they'd do a poll to choose the next book in the series they read? Yeah. They know where they are going

No spoilers, but mention of: Buffy, Supernatural, Crescent City, The Black Witch Chronicles, Serpent & Dove, Crave, The Plated Prisoner Series, A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor, Twilight

TW / CW: Discussions surrounding sexual assault, incest, domestic abuse

Shout out to RosieThorns!

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ACOFAELaura : Laura Marie
ACOFAEJessica : Jessica Marie

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