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073. Wicked Beauty: “Use your words. Be explicit."

June 13th, 2022

ACOFAE Podcast Presents: Wicked Beauty: “Use your words. Be explicit."

Are you ready to jump back into the Dark Olympus series? Are you ready to love Helen? Do you love logical conflicted men? What about men that are doers and not thinkers? Perfect. Achilles and Patroclus are working as a team to win the title of Ares for Achilles but Helen isn't a prize to be won, and soon everyone will know it. Helen, with battles public and private, is determined to win Ares and take charge of her life. But a chance meeting, forced proximity, and the "we can protect you better" trope all come to play in this steamy reimagining. Very steamy. Lots of showering and sheet changing. Laura Marie and Jessica Marie are tired just thinking about it.

TW / CW: Abusive parent, assault, attempted murder, blood, abusive ex, miscarriage (side character, off-page, historical)

For additional TW/CW information for your future reads, head to this site for more: https://triggerwarningdatabase.com/

Spoilers: Neon Gods, The Sea Witch

Mentions: The Song of Achilles, the Wicked Villains series, The Infernal Devices, Electric Idol

Thank you to Sourcebooks for providing an ARC of this book.

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ACOFAELaura : Laura Marie
ACOFAEJessica : Jessica Marie

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