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SPECIAL EPISODE 007: Our new friend, Stacey McEwan!

September 5th, 2022

ACOFAE Podcast presents: Our new friend, Stacey McEwan!

ACOFAE welcomes author, Tiktok star, and our new friend, Stacey McEwan to the podcast! Stacey is the author of the upcoming adult fantasy book Ledge. Join Laura Marie, Jessica Marie, and Stacey as they discuss everything and anything about books, publishing, the writing process, the social media impact and more. If you're looking for a heroine who knows how to wield an ax, is willing and able to put anyone in their place, and has to maybe possibly save her entire people, then you are in luck with Ledge. Throw in a little forced proximity, some enemies to lovers, and add in a bit of found family and you have the perfect recipe for a debut novel. Women supporting women.

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TW / CW: none to our awareness
For additional TW/CW information for your future reads, head to this site for more: https://triggerwarningdatabase.com/

Spoilers: None to our knowledge

Mentions: Harry Potter, Twilight, The Bridge Kingdom series, Chaos Walking Trilogy, The Wrath & the Dawn

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