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094. We are Thankful: Book Lovers and Babel.

November 21st, 2022

ACOFAE Podcast presents: We are Thankful: Book Lovers and Babel

There are many ways to be thankful. There are SO many things to be thankful for. There are SO SO many books that came out this year. There are SO SO SO many books that Laura Marie and Jessica Marie read that don't make it to the podcast. There is this golden opportunity to share two of these books and why ACOFAE is grateful for them and why they didn't make it to the podcast for a full episode. There has been no contemporary romance on the pod until now with Book Lovers! Jessica Marie brings Book Lovers to the podcast and Laura Marie brings Babel in an episode that brings up excellent points (if we do say so ourselves) about stigmas, work personalities, and how to read the room even when we shouldn't have to. Oh and the plots of the books are discussed! We are thankful for so much but especially you!

TW / CW: none to our knowledge
For additional TW/CW information for your future reads, head to this site for more: https://triggerwarningdatabase.com/

Spoilers: Book Lovers and Babel

Mentions: Shadowhunters, House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones, The Dark Artifices, The Infernal Devices, ACOTAR, Crescent City, ACOSF, The Oleander Sword, Dune, Throne of Glass, Ice Planet Barbarians, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

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