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027. The Iron Flower: Power changes everything.

June 28th, 2021

ACOFAE Podcast presents: The Iron Flower

Not an easy read but a necessary one, The Iron Flower picks up right where The Black Witch left off and instantly puts you in the center of the action. And there is A LOT of action. A dictator rises, the government is issuing sanctions, people are dying, and the points of the prophesy are revealed. We said is before and we'll say it again, if you’re not angry and ready to fight with the resistance by the end of this, we are not friends.

*Please note this episode was recorded before Shadow and Bone was released on Netflix, hence the delayed reference.

Spoilers: Spoilers include brief mention of The Folk of the Air, specifically surrounding The Wicked King
Trigger Warnings: Physical violence, sexual assault, sex work, domestic abuse, racism and various traumas.

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Dominique Wesson

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