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028. The Shadow Wand: "Hide your power? 'No!' Believe in lies about yourself? 'NO!' The last 'no' comes out in a roar."

July 5th, 2021

ACOFAE Podcast presents: The Shadow Wand

There is so much to say. Dragons. Assassins. Mind control. Magic. Training montage. Learning to love and accept yourself and others. Working through trauma and grief. And Laura Marie and Jessica Marie's favorite thing: awareness of the bigger picture. Book 3 of The Black Witch Chronicles has all of this and more and it is wonderful. They're worked up and talking fast about Elloren and her journey, everyone else’s journey, and there's a little mild speculation about book 4 out December 2021.

Again, if you aren't ready to FIGHT then you are part of the problem!
Laura Marie says Aislynn but it should be Sage- you'll know where

Spoilers: No major spoilers, but mentions of ACOSF, The Cruel Prince, From Blood and Ash, Six of Crows, Game of Thrones, ACOTAR, Heir of Fire
Trigger Warnings: Physical violence, suicide, mental health, domestic abuse, trauma, racism, sexism, classim

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